Wednesday Wisdom Webinars

Date: 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Time: 7:00 – 8:30 PM Pacific

Location: Online via Zoom

Price: No cost to attend though donations are accepted via paypal or venmo

Registration: No registration required. To participate, send Travis an email at and ask to be added to the webinar email list. Participants will receive a weekly email including the handout from the previous week’s webinar, the subject for the upcoming week, and a link to join. You may also ask to be added by submitting your email in the web form on this page.

Webinar Description:
This brand new webinar series is designed to support humanity on our goal of spiritual evolution, and expanding our conscious connection to our higher selves, our greater purpose, and to encourage the personal spiritual exploration of participants to become healthier, happier, more aligned to their best selves, and able to bring their vibrant gifts and talents into the world.

Each webinar includes a conversation about a specific topic of interest that is channeled by Travis, in collaboration with one or more spiritual guides or extra-terrestrial beings whose goal is to assist and support humanity’s growth and expansion, an interactive exercise, and individual readings of participants as time permits.

Topics that have been included so far have been: Coronaconsciousness, Crisis Aversion for the Empath, Reclaiming Your Soul, Relationship Karma, Self-Healing Through Chakra Empowerment.