Protecting Your Empathic Nature with Travis

So many of us are empaths, either by nature or choice, we learned to connect to others through feelings, and oftentimes feeling other people’s feelings as much as or more than our own. This can result in us carrying heavy burdens, and being challenged to identify our own authentic experience. During this show, Travis talks about the energy of compassion and empathy, and how to learn to use that to your advantage, but also not let it weigh you down or misguide you in the important decisions you have to make in your life. Join Travis as he guides you in a meditation designed to clear your energy field of emotional attachments, other people’s feelings, and align you to your own unique frequency, to live more independently, authentically, and joyfully.

Intuitive Tarot and Astrology with Markus Barrington

Travis is joined this week by Markus Barrington, who started using Tarot years ago to unlock his incredible gifts of insight, as a medium and empath, and more recently added Astrology to the mix, to bring incredible healing and wisdom to each reading that he does. Join Travis and Markus as they talk about current planetary trends, what’s in store for all of us soon, watch Marcus work his magic, and much much more!

Master Your Code with Darren Gold

Gold joins Travis on this show to present a groundbreaking guide for rewriting your program and mastering your code in every aspect of your life, including your career, health, relationships, and even your financial success. Our behavior is driven by a subconscious program of our own making, one that’s a result of our environment, explains renowned advisor and bestselling author Darren Gold. In his most recent book, Master Your Code: The Art, Wisdom, and Science of Leading an Extraordinary Life, Gold helps readers to use their bodies to control their brain’s default response, enhance their mood, improve decision-making, process traumatic events and deeply embedded survival strategies so they are no longer a prisoner of their past, and much much more.

CodeBreaker with Sandra Biskind

On this show, Travis is joined by spiritual thought leader, best-selling author, life mastery and personal development teacher, and high frequency catalyst Sandra Biskind, to talk about her most recent book, that she authored with husband Daniel. In this incredible book lies the path for readers to discover the password to unlock the best version of themselves. Sandra has a unique gift to identify and eradicate the unconscious programs that undermine success —and instantly amplify her client’s ability to live freely and thrive. Join Travis as he talks with Sandra about her incredible journey and award winning work.

The Mindful Place of Calm with Paul Miller

With hands-on exercises, techniques, and examples from his professional practice, A. Paul Miller shows how to cultivate deep inner wisdom that will sustain you long after your meditation session has ended. He guides you through a personalized system of awareness, action, and change that leads to the meditative feeling of tranquil centeredness. Paul joins Travis on this show to talk about his book, The Mindful Place of Calm, which teaches you how to achieve this feeling wherever you go and whenever you need it. Transform how you react to stressful situations by building a calm mental space to unpack your thoughts and emotions. Your inner place of calm lies in the gap between negative thoughts and actions, and once you reach it, you can turn tension into lasting joy and peace. Learn how this week with Paul and Travis.

Piercing the Vail with Travis

In this special episode of the Divine Insight show, Travis talks about the spiritual realm, and what it’s like as a medium to communicate with what some call the other side, or the realm where spiritual beings exist. Travis will also talk about how anyone can learn to communicate with their spirit friends, loved ones on the other side, animals, and will guide listeners and viewers in an easy do it yourself meditation, or creating a space an opportunity in one’s being to receive loving guidance from beyond the third dimension.

Heartfulness Way with Dr. Elizabeth Denley

Dr. Denley, Chief Editor of The Heartfulness Way book and Heartfulness Way Magazine, joins Travis this week to talk about how to live from the heart. In this show, learn mindfulness and meditation practices that have been scientifically shown to promote internal self-healing, and also a conscious connection to the earth and our higher selves and consciousness. Join them in their conversation and learn how you can get access to a unique meditation app that allows you to gain a deeper level of experience in meditation any time of day to improve and enhance your life.

Run Like a Girl with Mina Samuels

Think of Mina as your aspirational running buddy, the person who will be at your side through the mud and the sweat and the tears. Samuels believes that the only life worth living is an authentic life, a life that embraces the mess, the complexity and the contradictions, a life where the personal transformation comes from within. To cheer you on, whether you’re training for a race, finishing a degree, managing a career, raising a family, or rolling with life’s constant challenges, Travis will be talking with Mina about her journey and how she developed the daily touchstone for the athlete in all of us, Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Week!

Dancing with Your Shadow with Travis

On this week’s show, Travis talks about the shadow-self. So many of us can be in denial about aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, or want to ignore, from our shame or guilt that we express over those aspects of ourselves that we judge the most. But when we do, we are failing to embrace our full selves, which can lead to negative, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior, addiction, and dis-ease. During this show Travis shares some of his most personal experiences with his shadow, and by sharing his experience in learning to embrace and dance with this part of himself, can inspire listeners and viewers to do the same.

The Healing Power of Sound with Summer Watson

On next week’s show, Travis will be joined by British classical crossover singer, model, philanthropist, and wellness powerhouse Summer Watson. Summer has an incredible story, having toured the world performing, moving to Los Angeles, overcoming a devastating illness and learning how to turn the incredible power of her voice to teach others to find theirs. She joins Travis to talk about her journey, her coaching practice, alternative healing, the incredible power of song, and so much more.