Estelle Frankel

Embracing the Unknown with Estelle Frankel

Estelle Frankel

On this show Travis was joined by author, psychotherapist, spiritual advisor, storyteller, and seasoned teacher of Jewish mysticism Estelle Frankel, discussing her newest book, The Wisdom of Not Knowing – Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty.  At times a paralyzing source of uncertainty, and at other times a starting point to a wonderful adventure, the unknown can be both friend or foe. In her book, Estelle brings profound wisdom and guidance to the unknown, providing practical tips and tools for embracing the challenges and possibilities in such challenging time of uncertainty.

The Journey Within

During this show Travis takes calls and questions throughout the show, while discussing the essential journey we are all here to embark on: the journey within. The path to embracing our destiny begins with self-awareness and exploration. Until and unless we know exactly who and where we are, we may not be able to move forward to our optimum wellness and joy. Using his unique insight and practical tools, Travis guides listeners to an understanding of our whole selves: our be-ings.

Living Your Soul’s Purpose with Ainslie MacLeod

On this show, Travis is joined by psychic Ainslie MacLeod, author of the Transformation, who uses his psychic abilities to answer questions about your life purpose and to heal the effects of past-life trauma. He and his Spirit Guides will explore who you are and why you are here, and reveal ways to overcome blocks to living the life your soul intended.

Calling All Guides!


Help is always available to us when we need it. No struggle or circumstance is disconnected from support. On this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis discusses ways you can request help from the universe at any time, and know that help is on the way. In fact, it’s already here! During this show Travis provides techniques that you can use daily to invite and receive guides from your own unique helpers in spirit, and provides callers with readings specific to them.