Self-care for the Self-aware with Dave Markowitz

Dave Markowitz, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Guide, and Bestselling author says that most of us were never taught how to healthily deal with the gift of being Highly Sensitive. We had to unconsciously devise systems to make certain situations more bearable. And some of us consciously applied methods that seemed effective but still left us facing our very same challenges all over again. And the ineffective short term patterns we developed to preserve ourselves can actually make us chronically unwell.  Dave has worked with thousands of HSPs, fine tuning their empathic abilities and teaching how to not be a sponge of others’ energies and how to heal what you’ve already accumulated.  On this show Travis talks with Dave about his remarkable work!

Linda Abbit

The Conscious Caregiver with Linda Abbit

Linda Abbit

This week Travis is excited to be joined by author and family caregiver, Linda Abbit, founder of Tender Loving Eldercare (a vibrant online community providing information, support, and inspiration for family caregivers), about her brand new book, The Conscious Caregiver: A Mindful Approach to Caring for Your Loved One Without Losing Yourself. Linda provides tips, techniques, and strategies for caregivers in reducing stress and avoiding burnout, including using mindfulness techniques, checklists, and how to practice self care every day, so caregivers are better equipped to be there for their loved ones in need. Join Travis and Linda this week discussing the journey of caregiving without losing yourself.

Essential Oils 101 with Jennifer Lehner

Essential Oils 101 with Jennifer Vasche Lehner

Would you like to learn about what essential oils are, how to use them, and how you can easily and inexpensively kick toxic chemicals out of your home and life? Ever wonder why the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and traditional western medicine largely reject essential oils and other natural modalities despite clinical documentation of their effectiveness? Travis is joined on this show by author Jennifer Vasche Lehner to discuss these questions and much more. Listen in to get an “Essential Oils 101” and learn how you can easily incorporate essential oils into your life and learn simple, natural, safe, and affordable essential oils-based solutions for:  stress, sleep, immune support, emotions, weight management, athletic performance, natural skin care, and non toxic home cleaning, and much more.
Mavis Pittilla

Evidential Mediumship with Mavis Pittilla

Mavis Pittilla

Mavis Pittilla is a world renowned Medium and teacher at the prestigious Arthur Findlay College of Psychic Sciences in the United Kingdom. Mavis shares her 50+ years of mediumship with audiences around the world. Evidential mediumship is a style of mediumship that places emphasis on the medium’s ability to bring through extremely specific information from Spirit loved ones. This evidence can include names, personality traits, physical ailments, favorite past times, and shared memories between you and your loved one.

Astrology – The Key to Your Unconscious with Linda Kubota Byrd

Linda Kubota Byrd left the corporate world in 1999 and launched a personal journey to wake up to who she really is. Using Astrology, NLP, handwriting analysis, Energy Psychology, and Stargate Inner Child Work, Linda helps others do the same. At the moment of our birth we get our own personal “software program” and often go through life on “default”. Now, we are at a time when becoming aware of our beliefs and habits is crucial to our collective expansion. Astrology makes us more accepting of ourselves and others, to truly understand differences and valuing the uniqueness in us all.

See Beyond with Dr. Aura Imbarus

On this show, Travis is joined by author, publisher and founder of See Beyond Magazine, Dr. Aura Imbarus.  Aura’s first book, Out of the Transylvania Night, was an entry for Pulitzer, and was dedicated to her mother who died of cancer. Deep into the writing of it’s sequel, Aura recently founded and launched a new magazine, See Beyond, dedicated to educating, inspiring, and supporting the growth and advancement of our youth, and the young at heart. Aura has an incredibly loving and charismatic vision, and a rare vibrancy for life. On this show Travis talks with her about her journey of spiritual growth, the crazy events of her life, and how she continued to inspire and keep her vibrant exuberance in the process facing some of the toughest experiences one could imagine.

What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You, with Kerri Richardson

There is much more to clutter than meets the eye.  Anything that gets in the way of you living the life of your dreams is clutter. In her highly acclaimed book, What Your Clutter is Trying to Tell You, coach, lifestyle designer, and author Kerri Richardson delivers an easily accessible, no-nonsense, step-by-step guide to clearing space and understanding what your clutter is trying to tell you. Join Travis this week as he talks with Kerri about ways to help you uncover the message in the mess so you can use your clutter as a catalyst for change in your life.