Essential Oils 101 with Jennifer Lehner

Essential Oils 101 with Jennifer Vasche Lehner

Would you like to learn about what essential oils are, how to use them, and how you can easily and inexpensively kick toxic chemicals out of your home and life? Ever wonder why the FDA, the pharmaceutical industry, and traditional western medicine largely reject essential oils and other natural modalities despite clinical documentation of their effectiveness? Travis is joined on this show by author Jennifer Vasche Lehner to discuss these questions and much more. Listen in to get an “Essential Oils 101” and learn how you can easily incorporate essential oils into your life and learn simple, natural, safe, and affordable essential oils-based solutions for:  stress, sleep, immune support, emotions, weight management, athletic performance, natural skin care, and non toxic home cleaning, and much more.

Elimination Diet 101 with Jennifer Lehner

Jennifer Lehner joins Travis for this episode of Create The Life You Want to talk about her book on the Elimination Diet and what exactly the diet entails. Jennifer Vasche` Lehner is a passionate home chef and organic vegetable gardener. Jennifer taught herself to cook under the watchful culinary eye of her Italian neighbors while living in Naples, Italy for 2 years during her husband’s military service. Since then, she’s grown to appreciate and advocate for the beauty and value of simple, quick recipes utilizing fresh produce and quality ingredients. She serves as a university research analyst for the University of Washington and in her free time, Jennifer enjoys tending to her vegetable garden, building Lego castles with Luke, and facilitating essential oil educational workshops.