The Choice For Love With Barbara De Angelis

Barbara De Angelis

Dr. De Angelis has written an eloquent, illuminating and deeply compassionate guide for transforming your relationship to love and bringing more of it into all aspects of your life. In The Choice For Love, she offers invaluable wisdom and practical tools for healing, opening and expanding your emotional and spiritual heart, and teaches you how to use love as the highest spiritual practice.

The Art of Spiritual Seeking With Guest Host Andrew Martin and Rev. Michael Ingersoll

Spiritual Seeking

A common thread through the human experience is the search for purpose and meaning. On this episode of Create The Life You Want, Spiritual Rebel, Andrew Martin and New Thought Minister and Teacher, Rev. Michael Ingersoll discuss the Art of Spiritual Seeking. There is great wisdom and joy to be found when we consciously embark on the path of the spiritual seeker. Andrew and Rev. Michael discuss how the mystical experience of seeking can bring us closer to the powerful truth of who we are.

Living Your Empowered Life Part 1 – The Feminine with Nicola D’Alonzo



We have all struggled in the perceived darkness of our shadow, consumed by fear or doubt, not living our empowered lives.  For some, these feelings have been a daily struggle for as long as can be remembered.  In this first of a two part Create The Life You Want series, Nicola D’Alonzo discusses the feminine aspects of women, what has been described as light, as well as the dark, the female shadow, and how women can embrace all aspects of their power to live more fully each day of their lives.

Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Distance Healing

Every single one of us has the ability to heal others with just a thought. The vibrational frequency of loving thoughts and healing energy can be sent anywhere in the world and across all time and dimensions. On this show Travis discusses the healing practice of distance work, how it works, and techniques you can use each day in your own life, whether you have your own practice, or have a desire to help support a family member or friend who lives somewhere else in the world. Travis answers questions and provides mini sessions to callers!

Energy Medicine with Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman joins Travis for this show. In 2000, Sara had a near death experience where she experienced a spiritual awakening that transformed her life. During this time, her intuitive abilities opened fully, and she was able to comprehend the ineffable, infinite energy of the Divine/Universe/One/All.

The Energy Field

This week Travis discussed the energy field, that ethereal body that surrounds the physical one which is an important part of who we are.  Just like the chakras, the fields that surround the body contain insight and information available that help us understand different aspects of ourselves.

Spiritual Mindfulness

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There are many modalities and dogmatic spiritual approaches to mindfulness processes.  Whatever the approach, the principles of bringing awareness and attention into the present moment are what’s important to align to your highest awareness.  This week Travis talked about mindfulness principles and provides practical techniques you can use to develop your present moment awareness.

The Ego

egoThis week Travis talked about and took calls and questions about the ego. That tiny little part of the brain that has so much weight to it. Sometimes operating from Spirit rather than ego can bring a heightened awareness, presence, and humility to our lives. Travis talks about ways to move through the ego and provide insight and exercises in how to approach your life in a more spiritual way.

Shamanism with Michelle McKinney

This week Travis welcomed Michelle McKinney, MFA, who is a full-time shamanic and intuitive arts practitioner and teacher, and Systemic and Family Constellations facilitator. For over 25 years Michelle’s spiritual and intuitive skills have helped people get past road blocks, and back into the flow of life: self-empowered with clarity, confidence, inner-peace, and strength.

Her training in shamanic arts has been with teachers and practitioners from many traditions, including Two-Week Intensive, and Three-Year Advanced Training programs with Michael Harner Ph.D. and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies; and Two-Year Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman, MA, with whom she is authorized to teach shamanic healing. Michelle’s background also includes training in Systemic Constellations, Trauma Resolution, Hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue, and energy healing. She is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Letting Go

hands-269273_640People say attachment is hard, when really that’s the easy part. It’s the detachment that can be more of a formidable struggle in people’s lives. During this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis explains how to master the art of letting go, whether that be from a past relationship, a job, or anything holding you back, and provide exercises that listeners can use anytime to help move forward in their lives.