Find Your Voice with Caroline Goyder

Find Your Voice with Caroline Goyder

Caroline Goyder has an international reputation for her work as an expert speaker and trainer with senior management within organizations, as well as private individuals. She worked for many years at London’s Royal Central School of Speech and Drama as a voice coach before launching her own company. She is regularly sought out by the media and has been featured on television and in numerous national and international newspapers, and joins Travis to talk about her new book, Find Your Voice: The Secret to Talking with Confidence in Any Situation. Caroline Goyder can apply her decades of helping broadcasters, celebrities and top-level professional speak effortlessly and address how to harness the full potential of your body, breath and voice, how to genuinely connect to your audience and stand out whether in person or in digital meetings or interviews, challenges and tips for finding your voice in the digital age, and several tips and secrets shared by A list celebrities.

Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Wu

Wisdom Healing Qigong with Master Mingtong Wu

After discovering Wisdom Healing Qigong Master Mingtong Wu has dedicated his life to advancing the unique and incredible practice. He established the Chi Center in New Mexico to expand the practice to English speaking communities across the world, through retreats, workshops, books, and online educational programs. Master Mingtong joins Travis this week to share this ancient healing practice as well as keys to an effective self-healing practice, and to offer a free e-book and training resource for you to use right now!

Mind to Matter with Dawson Church

The idea that “thoughts become things” is held as a firm proposition in metaphysics, and some spiritual teachers ascribe infinite powers to the mind. But what does science tell us about the scope of the human mind to transform thoughts into reality? During this show, award winning author Dawson Church joins Travis to talk about his book, Mind to Matter: The Astonishing Science of How Your Brain Creates Material Reality, in which he presents the scientific explanation for manifestation and the law of attraction. Dawson also shares illuminating case histories—up-close, authentic personal accounts drawn from the worlds of medicine, sports, business, healing, art, and scientific discovery—of people who experienced turning mind into matter.

Becoming the Light – Realize Your True Enlightened Nature with Vivianne Nantel

There is no mystery to uncovering the tools to unlocking our essence. When we tap into the Divine within us, we access boundless joy, love, unlimited strength and inner power. Not only are these techniques easy to master, their benefits increase every time we practice. On this show, Travis talks with mystic and author Vivianne, about her new book, and about tapping into our own sacred selves.

CREATE RADICAL HAPPINESS USING 7 Powerful Codes – with Gary Quinn

This week Gary joins Travis to provide powerful tools that you can use to invest in your best future self. International motivational speaker, life coach strategist, educator, and best selling author Gary Quinn shares his valuable insights and knowledge with a worldwide audience via his self-help inspirational books, TV and radio appearances, digital downloads and numerous world-wide speaking engagements and seminars.

Four Ways to Click with Dr. Amy Banks

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We all experience moments when we feel isolated and alone, yet we are all hard wired for close relationships. According to Dr. Amy Banks, a psychiatrist and expert in the neurobiology of human relationships, the key to more satisfying relationships is to strengthen the neural pathways in our brains that encourage closeness and connection. On this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis was thrilled to talk to Dr. Banks about her groundbreaking book, and the program Dr. Banks developed that encourages the advancement of four essential ingredients for close relationships.