Relationship Karma – Releasing Toxic Soul Patterns to Embrace Freedom and Enhance Relationships

Date: Thursday February 25th, 2021

Time:  7pm-9pm Pacific

Location: Online – Zoom Invite will be sent after registration

Price: $44

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Workshop Description:

During this fun, enlightening and interactive workshop, Travis will talk about the journey of the soul. Having experience working at the soul level with hundreds of clients all over the world, Travis has observed patterns that souls tend to emit that can affect how healthy and vibrant people’s relationships are in this life. Each lifetime we choose to engage in specific relationship patterns, living out soul contracts and  beliefs which dictate the lessons we learn and whether we bring relationships to us that nourish, respect, and celebrate us, or those that hold us back and drain us of our vital life force. We are naturally designed for wellness, creativity, passion, and joy every day but can be held back by unconscious beliefs that are embedded in our soul and emotions that impinge our ability to attract the most healthy and abundant lives that we deserve. Travis will provide channeled insight, talk about soul contracts and akashic records and lead participants in a guided journey to release toxic relationship patterns and cords, improve unhealthy beliefs about relationships, and readings of participants (as time permits) specific to their relationship karma to align participants to their greatest capacity for bringing the right people into their lives, right now.