Reiki II Attunement Workshop

Date: February 23rd, 2020

Time: 1 – 4 PM

Location: Liberate Hollywood, 6365 Selma Ave. Hollywood, CA 90028

Price: Early Bird – $25, Day of $30

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Workshop Description:

This second level of Reiki attunement workshop will provide you with a stronger understanding of Reiki, the second level of attunement and certification (which empowers you to practice Reiki in the mental, emotional realm, as well as distance), a handbook of Reiki hand placements, information about how to set up your own practice, your lineage traced back to the originator (Dr. Mikao Usui), as well as information about the human energy system, an opportunity to practice on another participant, and intuitive guidance from Travis as time permits.

Dress comfortably, and during our time together Travis will be guiding you all in a meditation designed to connect participants to source energies and amplify the attunement process.