Master Your Mind, Master Your Life with Travis

Co-creating and living your best life begins with mastering your mind. We’ve known for years that thoughts create reality, and energy follows thought. Epigenetics, or the science of our genes, has even recently discovered that our thoughts literally change the composition of our cells. But for those of us living in anxiety, depression, stress, or with mental health issues, learning how to change our lives isn’t easy. During this show, Travis will talk about his own personal journey, from isolation and living most of his adult life in active addiction, a shell of his soulful self, reaching for recovery from mental health issues, and how he learned how to identify the underlying patterns of his beliefs, release the toxic narrative that he was a victim, and how he mastered his mind and ultimately his life, to become happier, more vibrant, and healthier than ever. Travis will also provide tools, techniques, and exercises that you can do right now, to identify the patterns of thinking that need to change, and to make positive changes to improve your life, right now.