Psychologist Dr. Carder Stout was the last person you would expect to have descended into gang violence, poverty, and drug abuse. He wasn’t born with a silver spoon — his was platinum. He grew up in a Victorian mansion, attended an elite boarding school, and bought himself a penthouse in SOHO after graduating from college. He pursued a career as a film producer, surrounding himself with a who’s-who of debutantes and future A-list movie stars. Now sober for more than fourteen years and free of his gang-days, working as the celebrity therapist who consults on TV shows, Carder’s memoir leaves no stone unturned in the making of a man who Hollywood relies on to keep their sanity. He may not be able to share their dark secrets, but for the first time everyone will know his. From a youth of abandonment and loneliness to the contract the Shoreline Crips put on his life, Carder delves deep into the streets of Ghost Town, and the self-made family who saved him from his own murder.