Travis is an intuitive counselor, medium, psychic healer, reiki master teacher, and spiritual channeler. Travis uses unique healing techniques as well as his psychic gifts to release blocks to empowerment and to identify the most important information available now to heal, transform, and empower clients’ lives. Sessions will include one ore more of the following categories of healing: past life reading, soul retrieval, energy healing/balancing, medical intuition, mediumship (spirit guides, relatives in spirit, or animals), depossession/decording, and psychic channeling. During sessions, readings, workshops, site visits, trainings, and talks, Travis believes that spirit will specifically guide him to provide the information and treatment modality most helpful to the client or groups at that time, which is specifically designed to provide the most beneficial healing and insight or information possible in the present moment for the most helpful alignment, transformation, guidance, and information. Travis asks that clients allow spirit to guide the session generally, but if there is any specific modality that resonates with the client that they would like him to perform, then please let him know and he will ensure that he works that into the session whenever possible.