Intuitive and Healing Sessions

Travis offers in person and distance intuitive reading/mentoring/coaching and healing sessions to suit your specific needs. Regardless of whether you schedule an in person hands on session, or a distance session over the phone or Skype, you’ll greatly benefit from the experience.

Travis uses his gifts of insight and intuition to support you to move forward in your life and eliminate blocks and imbalances in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

Travis is a Reiki Master and has used Reiki and other healing modalities including toning and sound healing, and a specific healing modality called Pheonix Fire to help people heal from health imbalances, to restore vitality, to integrate soul parts that have been disconnected from source, to remove blocks and toxic cords, and to help people align to their divine paths and greatest health.

As a medical intuitive Travis perceives information about your physical body and interprets energetic causes and predispositions to dis-ease. Using his clairvoyant perception Travis is able to connect to universal wisdom in unique ways, and provides specific practical advice to you to support you in your daily life.

Types of Healing and Intuitive Modalities that Travis Uses