Channeled Meditation Healing Journey for the Mind, Body, and Soul

Date: 2nd Tuesday of the Month
Time: 7-7:45 PM Pacific
Location: Livestream – online only for now

Purchase Tickets: Find a link to each week’s meditation on Liberate Hollywood’s site here

Cost: $15 | Packages Available

Meditation Description:
What we all need more than anything is to access our greatest wellness, purpose, and vibrancy in our daily lives. To do that, we are invited to become centered and grounded into our physical bodies, clear in our minds, independent of the influence of others, fully empowered in our souls, and divinely guided.

During this meditation, in which Travis uses his unique clairvoyant ability and channeled toning frequencies to perceive and facilitate participants’ energy body and soul healing, participants will be guided on a journey that will allow them to become centered into their most perfect present moment awareness, joined by spirit helpers and unseen friends (including animals/higher selves/spirit guides), to revitalize their body, relax and rejuvenate their mind, and clear and nourish their soul.