Gaining Strength Against Disease with David Foreman

David Foreman, known to audiences as The Herbal Pharmacist, joins Travis, to share his insight on the positive effects of muscle mass on overall health. People who have more muscle mass just live longer because, quite simply, they can combat disease and the primary problem with age-related muscle degeneration is that doctors don’t prescribe anything for it because other than recommending resistance training, which they often don’t do, there is no pharmaceutical treatment to reverse muscle loss. Foreman, however, shares tips and is hopeful, saying the landscape for sarcopenia is changing with new science emerging to give people preventative tools they need to delay and reverse muscle loss at any age. He will share with your audience three muscle moves you can make to stave off sarcopenia and regain control of potentially life-threatening diseases that are influenced by lack of muscle. Beef up and stay healthy. Join Travis and David this week for more helpful tips!