Empowerment & Self Care

As we all step into our conscious development and evolution into who we are, it is important to understand that the basic principle of care of self before care of others is paramount to our ultimate wellness. During this episode of Create The Life You Want Travis teaches us how to channel, and provides practical advice on the steps needed to care for ourselves as we create the health and wellness we deserve.

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  1. Kari Smith
    Kari Smith says:

    So glad to have found you! I found validation in this podcast that I had been doing the right thing. Synchronicity is always at work. Often, we expect healing to be immediate and it can be, but most often it has it’s own time frame. The tools of self care can facilitate and ease the wait. Thank you for the channeling tips!

  2. Annie
    Annie says:

    What would my life feel like if I had everything I think I want?
    Both empowerment and care of self seem to spring from the thoughts I choose to think, and then the feelings I choose to feel.
    This show takes such good care of us the listeners in spelling out how we can create the well-being we want.


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