Divine Love


Accessing pure and divine love of and for oneself and others is a tremendous gift. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Travis talked about ways you can create more love in your life. Love of self and others, pure and unconditional, is our natural state. Travis discusses ways to embrace more love in your life, and took questions and performed readings for callers on this week’s show!

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  1. Annie
    Annie says:

    Today’s Master Class: Love 101.
    What IS love?
    How can I feel more love for me and for others?
    How can I bring more joyous love into me?
    What is “unconditional love” anyway? Where does it come from? How can we do it and bring it into us?
    Travis leads us in a guided meditation, and a careful unfolding of the answers to those questions, especially why and how to unconditionally love our imperfect, beautiful, magical selves.
    This show offers definitions and how-tos that open us up to our dreams.

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