Featured Show: The Last Breath Book Series – Victoria Powers

This week Travis is joined by one of the co-authors of his recent best-selling book, The Last Breath, Victoria Powers. For years, Victoria was drawn to the question, “Does the Soul exist?”. Her curiosity in metaphysical mysteries was inspired by a psychic experience when she was 13 years old and saw her grandfather speaking to her soon after he passed. Alongside her career, she also trained in a clairvoyant program at Psychic Horizons Center in Boulder, Colorado.  She studied under James Van Praagh and continues to work with other world-renowned mediums. Becoming a medium changed Victoria’s vision of life and death, and is passionate about her natural ability to communicate with the other side and bring peace and healing to her clients.

Upcoming Show: The Last Breath Series – Becky Hasseltine

Becky Hesseltine is a Certified Evidential Medium, Intuitive Healer, Meditation Facilitator, and Author. Though she sensed the essence of spirit as a child, the lack of understanding of her extra senses created fear and prevented her from embracing her refined sensitivities. Instead, she pursued academic degrees followed by a 7-year corporate career as a life and health coach supporting thousands of clients. But after many years, she chose to embark on an empowered path of self-discovery and healing. Through this journey, she embraced her natural mediumship skills and then courageously let go of the corporate life for a career as a professional Medium. She is known for her heartfelt mediumistic ability to intertwine outstanding evidential details within spirit’s story and message; capturing the soul essence of the spirit loved one. Becky finds it the greatest privilege to provide experiences of profound connection and healing to those she works with.