Featured Show- Wild Success with Amy Posey – Part 2

In the second of two interviews with the authors of Wild Success – 7 Key Lessons that Business Leaders can Take from Extreme Adventurers, Travis is joined by co-author Amy Posey. Amy Posey is a Silicon Valley-based leadership consultant focused on neuroscience and high performance. She is the founder and CEO of SUPER*MEGA*BOSS, a manager training company. In this interview, Amy talks about the neuroscience behind success, and dives deeper into the comparison of extreme adventurers to successful business leaders. Join them for an informative and enlightening conversation in Part 2 of 2 interviews on Wild Success.

Featured Show – Intelligence in the Digital Age with Lyn Lesch

In his book, Intelligence in the Digital Age, Lyn Lesch, who has dedicated his life to pursuing a larger consciousness, examines how the current internet age and people’s use of digital technologies may be affecting their mental capacities and emotive lives in ways that will make in more and more difficult for them to explore a larger, more expansive consciousness. In this interview, Lyn dives into some of the negative effects, as well as strategies and tips to minimize them.