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Intuition, And Hands On Healing, With Travis Taylor

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by Kirby Lindsay, posted 26 December 2014

Travis Taylor provides hands on healing from his office at SPACE in Fremont. Photo by Adrian Laney, Nov '14

Travis Taylor believes things happen according to a certain rhythm, and purpose.  “I don’t have to know why,” he said about certain events that have happened, or how he found his ability to heal, “The answers might not come right away.  I just knew I needed to be here and do this work.”

It’s synchronicity.  “If someone needs me, they will run into me, hear about me from a friend, or happen to catch my radio show,” Taylor said, “When you align to who you really are – make conscious choices aligned to the divine path – you are able to create all the abundance and wellness you deserve, quickly and easily.”

Taylor lives in Fremont, and while his career, as an attorney, takes him into Downtown Seattle during the week, he also leases an office in the Fremont SPACE building, behind the Lenin statue, for his other consulting business, called ‘Empathic Healing’.

‘Create The Life You Want’

At Empathic Healing, Taylor explores the field of energy medicine and the multi-sensory experience.  In collaboration with clients, Taylor helps their personal spiritual, mental, and emotional growth.  This kind of work, intuitive and hands on healing, can take him to places he would never go in his practice of law.  “I didn’t know any of this going in,” Taylor explained about discovering his intuitive talents, “I just knew it was fun.”

When Taylor decided to lease an office for his consulting business, he found a space in the Fremont SPACE building. Photo by K. Lindsay, Aug '12

In 2007, Taylor took a Reiki class and found himself, literally, touching talents he’d never known he possessed.  Taylor had always known he was intuitive, and that he “would pick up on other people’s feelings,” but Reiki gave him an awareness of tools and talents that he hadn’t known existed.

“I help people access their own intuition and unique abilities and talents,” Taylor explained about what he does, “I remind them of who they are.  I’m really here to show you who you truly are.”  What he does could be seen as life coaching, and helping people to develop self-care.  He can help eliminate barriers – those self-imposed through fear, through beliefs that no longer fit, or just unknown causes – and identify the central issues otherwise hidden, to empower our lives.

Before studying Reiki, Taylor had a strong interest in metaphysics (he reads quantum mechanics and physics for fun,) and he brings a very logical, inquisitive and scientific approach to his study of energy medicine.  With his background in law, Taylor can explain what he does (and the ethereal realm) in very concrete, logical terms.  “I can explain it in a way that can be understood,” he acknowledged, “I can drill down a little bit further,” if people want the deeper answers, and to hear more.

Talking, and helping to identify the issues, is a part of the intuitive work Travis Taylor does with his clients at Empathic Healing. Photo by Adrian Laney, Nov '14

Taylor’s ability to explain what, for many, is inexplicable, may explain why his radio show, on Saturdays at 1p on KKNW 1150AM, called ‘Create The Life You Want’, has been so well received.  On it, he gives guidance and insight, along with practical information, as a spiritual healer as well as on issues of social justice.

What he hasn’t had, yet, on the show, over nearly a year taking callers, is to defend himself.  “Not one person,” Taylor reported, has called to say they don’t believe, or to challenge him, on spiritual healing or multi-sensory abilities, “I’ve been the one who has questioned.”  He jokingly acknowledged, “I’ve never been called crazy, though I’d be interested, if someone called who disagreed, if they would want to hear the answer.”

‘To Be Ourselves Without Judgment’

“Just because you can’t see it, doesn’t mean it is not there,” Taylor said of his ability to touch someone to find the source of their pain, or blocked energy caused by psychic trauma or past lives.

His law practice, and the radio show, do take him out of Fremont, but Taylor is happy to have his home and consulting office located here.  “We allow ourselves to be ourselves without judgment,” he observed about the people he meets, in his office and walking back and forth between work and home, “I think the creativity is what makes the neighborhood different.  You see the creativity walking around.”

Travis Taylor, at Empathic Healing, does hands on healing and energy medicine. Photo by Adrian Laney, Nov '14

Taylor also stays in Fremont due to the synchronicity that brought, and kept him, here.  When he decided to lease an office outside of his home – to give him more room to work, and more ability to focus while at work – he searched the internet for space, and found the SPACE building.  He called to find out about the waiting list, and the leasing agent told him that an office, exactly the size he wanted, had just become available that day.

“The fact that I do intuitive work doesn’t surprise people like it would elsewhere in the City, or the world,” Taylor observed.  He also finds most people are willing to consider energy medicine, and the study of where the non-physical becomes the physical, as a part of learning to heal.

If you want to learn more about Taylor, about the healing modalities he uses or check out his radio archives, visit his website or follow him on Facebook.  Also, listen to his show, at 1p on Saturdays on Alternative Talk 1150KKNW, or streaming live on the web.



The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises

“The Complete System of Self Healing: Internal Exercises” is just that.  From an Eastern Taoist approach, this book is a template for spiritual alignment in one of the foremost and original practices ever used.  In just a few short weeks you can release stagnant energy, align to your highest vibration, and improve your health and well-being.”


Voices of LGBTQ Pioneers

These inspiring and courageous videos and audio clips from LGBT history are wonderful. They remind me that it is through using our voice and collective action we can make a difference, we can make a change. One thing that I have always said is, Use your voice. If you don’t, you are going to let someone else speak for you and you may not like what they have to say. Click Here for Voices of LGBTQ Pioneers.

“The Untethered Soul”, by Michael Singer

untethered soul“The Untethered Soul”, by Michael Singer was a great read.  It is written in a way that just does not allow you to put it down.


Not only is it a fairly quick read, but it also has important information to share about our relationship with our thoughts and emotions.


I enjoyed reading and re-reading the sections on letting go.  There are a lot of insights into the soul’s development and what pulls the soul down versus bringing it up.


A must have for energy medicine libraries.

“The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden

The-Divine-Matrix-9781401905736Any person with a concrete-sequential and logical mind, who believes only what he or she sees can appreciate learning some science that bridges the gap between the physical and non-physical realm of creation.


Gregg Braden does a great job in this book of synthesizing years of research and lectures into one source of a lot of information.  Though the concepts are not particularly new for those who have spent time researching the concepts of co-creation, time-space reality, etc., his presentation is clear and easy to follow.


What I particularly like about this book is his 20 Keys to Conscious Creation, which he presents in concrete and easily understood reminders of who we are and how the universe the we experience is not removed from us, that in fact we create it with every thought and emotion and belief that we have.  We have a choice to move from a place of creating by default based on fears, or to do so intentionally, creating a life and experience of our dreams.

“The Four Agreements” by Don Miguel Ruiz

Four AgreementsI was sucked into this book within the first few pages.  I found it captivating, enlightening, and a very fun (and short) read.


I hadn’t been exposed to any kind of Toltec training or materials before this book, and was pleasantly surprised at the straightforward  and simplistic principles outlined within.


Be impeccable with your word

Don’t take anything personally

Don’t make assumptions

Always do your best


If we can do all these things, each day, there is no question that our lives will improve.  I’m always remarking with self-reflection or with clients, that it is really us that need to change in order to have our lives improve.  It is our thoughts, our emotions, our reactions, our vibrational frequency which is reflected in our lives.  Only when we begin to search within and notice, reflect, and modify our beliefs can we begin to see changes in our external experience.

“Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews

animal-speakThis is another must have book for anyone who is looking beyond the five senses for ways to enhance their relationship with the universe.

At times throughout my life, I would notice that I felt a very strong connection or resonance with a particular animal or insect. Everywhere I turned, it seemed, I would notice it again and again.  I couldn’t ignore it in fact.  It was surprising to me and it felt as though these animals had something to say to me.

I was further surprised when I started working on clients that I would see an animal in their energy field, and when describing the attributes of the animal it was remarkable to the client because it mirrored aspects of their personality or something that they needed to be reminded of regarding an experience they were having.

Many people with native american ancestry, whether biologic or because of past lives, or those who have had a particular connection with the earth before, can have power animals or message totems show up in their life.  It’s just another way that the universe communicates with us.

Other than the visions or impressions that I get while working on a client, I found that this book is an excellent resource, an almanac, basically, of all creatures.  I didn’t read the book front to back, but instead use it as a resource for further information about an animal or insect that shows up frequently or in the energy field of a client.

Whenever looking up the animal that showed up, it is never a surprise, and always spot on for whatever lesson is important in the moment. I LOVE this book.

“The Hidden Messages in Water” by Doctor Masaru Emoto

Hidden MessagesThis book was one that I just couldn’t put down!

The power and influence of positive and negative thinking could not be more profoundly proven than the way that Dr. Emoto does.

Being the “I have to see it to believe it” person that I am, I found this book not only fascinating and incredibly interesting, but particularly useful for me in reinforcing my belief system that there was a strong and significant connection between the thoughts that we have and our bodies.

The premise and conclusions made from Dr. Emoto’s research was that humans could influence how water molecules looked when photographed, by our beliefs or statements towards it.  Taking samples of water from various sources, and freezing them, Dr. Emoto was able to take photographs of what the water molecules looked like originally, and under other circumstances, such as after being blessed by a monk, or while listening to rap music, or having statements such as “I love you” or “I hate you and want you to die” said to a glass of water or affixed by a note.

The photographs are amazing and quite affirmatively demonstrate that our thoughts, energy, intent, and emotions toward water has a significant impact on how it looks when photographed.

It seemed hard to believe at first, but upon further review made perfect sense.

Taking his findings one step further, as posited in the book, in thinking about our bodies being made mostly of water, there is a significant impact by our thoughts and feelings about ourselves on our bodies.  What things do we say or feel about ourselves when we look into the mirror?  What do we say about ourselves to others?  How do we perceive our bodies?  What do we say (by words or feelings) about ourselves to ourselves and how often?

This is the stuff that one could law awake contemplating, but suffice to say it allowed me the opportunity to pay attention to what I think, say, and feel about myself, and what I say to others about me.  I am a more significant and powerful influencer on my health than anyone else can be, because I’m pretty sure I have more thoughts about myself than anyone else does, so why not choose to be more kind and loving?

“Manifesting Change” by Mike Dooley

manifesting changeAuthor Mike Dooley was a contributor to the DVD “The Secret” a number of years back, and I had the opportunity to see him speak recently and received a copy of his book, “Manifesting Change”, with my registration fee.  Aside from my excitement that it’s signed by him, I really liked the way that he writes.

It’s obvious he writes for the masses, so it’s a little tongue and cheek, simple, and very clear.

This short book reads easily and takes the concepts of manifesting and breaks them down, much like cliff’s notes.

What I really liked about Mr. Dooley’s book is the emphasis on action.  His metaphor of putting the address of your destination in your car and following the signs to get there most quickly, just as the universe tries to show you the direction to arrive at your direction is a good one.

It was a very helpful reminder to me that no matter what, we cannot manifest what we want without taking action, just as we cannot drive to a destination without putting the car in drive and stepping on the accelerator.  We can sit and meditate for YEARS, eagerly awaiting the universe to knock on our door and hand us what we are focusing on without result, because we actually must DO something towards our goal.  Even if we are wrong we are right, because we learn more about ourselves and our true desires in the process.  We cannot make a mistake, as our evolution is inevitable.

His concepts are not new to anyone familiar with the principles of the Law of Attraction or who follows the teachings on Abraham Hicks, so if you are, then you might not need this book in your library.

But if you aren’t super familiar with the Law of Attraction and want a short, pointed, funny, and quick study in how to create more of what you want in your life, this is a great book to use.  Plus his messages from the Universe are great, and the exercises he has you do are fun and don’t take too much time.