Piercing the Vail with Travis

In this special episode of the Divine Insight show, Travis talks about the spiritual realm, and what it’s like as a medium to communicate with what some call the other side, or the realm where spiritual beings exist. Travis will also talk about how anyone can learn to communicate with their spirit friends, loved ones on the other side, animals, and will guide listeners and viewers in an easy do it yourself meditation, or creating a space an opportunity in one’s being to receive loving guidance from beyond the third dimension.

Lost in Ghost Town with Carder Stout

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How to Suffer in 10 Easy Steps with Will Arntz

Physicist, software entrepreneur, filmmaker and author Will Artnz joins Travis this week to talk about how he takes on the self-help world with his irreverent, poignant and insightful book on the topic which drives so much of what we all do: Suffer. While self-help promises success, love and abundance in 5, 7 or 10 easy steps, it fails to deliver more often than not. Whereas the only thing that is easy to do is suffer. We all do it and we all don’t want to. It’s that easy. But by seeing how we easily fall into suffering, one can take steps to knock it off. Following the easy steps are the slippery steps to end suffering. Yes, we all fall into suffering, but there are ways to get out of the rut. Buddha kicked the suffering habit, why not us?