Heartfulness Way with Dr. Elizabeth Denley

Dr. Denley, Chief Editor of The Heartfulness Way book and Heartfulness Way Magazine, joins Travis this week to talk about how to live from the heart. In this show, learn mindfulness and meditation practices that have been scientifically shown to promote internal self-healing, and also a conscious connection to the earth and our higher selves and consciousness. Join them in their conversation and learn how you can get access to a unique meditation app that allows you to gain a deeper level of experience in meditation any time of day to improve and enhance your life.

Run Like a Girl with Mina Samuels

Think of Mina as your aspirational running buddy, the person who will be at your side through the mud and the sweat and the tears. Samuels believes that the only life worth living is an authentic life, a life that embraces the mess, the complexity and the contradictions, a life where the personal transformation comes from within. To cheer you on, whether you’re training for a race, finishing a degree, managing a career, raising a family, or rolling with life’s constant challenges, Travis will be talking with Mina about her journey and how she developed the daily touchstone for the athlete in all of us, Run Like a Girl 365 Days a Week!

Dancing with Your Shadow with Travis

On this week’s show, Travis talks about the shadow-self. So many of us can be in denial about aspects of ourselves that we don’t like, or want to ignore, from our shame or guilt that we express over those aspects of ourselves that we judge the most. But when we do, we are failing to embrace our full selves, which can lead to negative, self-sabotaging patterns of behavior, addiction, and dis-ease. During this show Travis shares some of his most personal experiences with his shadow, and by sharing his experience in learning to embrace and dance with this part of himself, can inspire listeners and viewers to do the same.