Walking Between Worlds with Athena Demetrios

On this show, Travis is joined by spiritual intuitive, medium, and channel Athena Demetrios, to discuss her incredible journey and new memoir, “Walking Between Worlds”. It reads like a novel worthy of a film or TV mini-series, but Athena Demetrios’ memoir is no work of fiction. Athena’s story is a courageous and unvarnished revelation of a deeply painfulyet upliftingjourney from darkness to light, a healing that would not have been possible without the extraordinary multi-dimensional spiritual experiences she opened herself to embrace. She maintained a successful career in the film industry as a make- up artist while exploring the world of the unseen. Her sensitivity as a psychic began to accelerate when a powerful spiritual experience opened doors into other dimensions.

Estelle Frankel

Embracing the Unknown with Estelle Frankel

Estelle Frankel

On this show Travis was joined by author, psychotherapist, spiritual advisor, storyteller, and seasoned teacher of Jewish mysticism Estelle Frankel, discussing her newest book, The Wisdom of Not Knowing – Discovering a Life of Wonder by Embracing Uncertainty.  At times a paralyzing source of uncertainty, and at other times a starting point to a wonderful adventure, the unknown can be both friend or foe. In her book, Estelle brings profound wisdom and guidance to the unknown, providing practical tips and tools for embracing the challenges and possibilities in such challenging time of uncertainty.

Gaining Strength Against Disease with David Foreman

David Foreman, known to audiences as The Herbal Pharmacist, joins Travis, to share his insight on the positive effects of muscle mass on overall health. People who have more muscle mass just live longer because, quite simply, they can combat disease and the primary problem with age-related muscle degeneration is that doctors don’t prescribe anything for it because other than recommending resistance training, which they often don’t do, there is no pharmaceutical treatment to reverse muscle loss. Foreman, however, shares tips and is hopeful, saying the landscape for sarcopenia is changing with new science emerging to give people preventative tools they need to delay and reverse muscle loss at any age. He will share with your audience three muscle moves you can make to stave off sarcopenia and regain control of potentially life-threatening diseases that are influenced by lack of muscle. Beef up and stay healthy. Join Travis and David this week for more helpful tips!

Empowering Relationships With Travis

This week Travis will be talking about relationships: how to create relationships that support and nourish your best self, tips on identifying when it’s time to let someone go, and how to do it with love and authenticity. In the digital social media age so many people have hundreds to thousands of acquaintances, but its our closest friends and loved ones that are our most important relationships, aside from ourselves. Travis will guide listeners in a meditation on how to cut energetic cords from those who (intentionally or not) are draining, and how to receive more loving, positive, and supportive relationships to our lives.