Navigating Your Future Wisdom Series With George and Sedena Cappannelli


On this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis is joined by George and Sedena Cappannelli. George and Sedena are the Co-Founders of AgeNation, Co-authors of the Award Winning Do Not Go Quietly and Co-Producers of the Navigating Your Future Wisdom Series. These wisdom keepers came together for this important series designed to inform, educate and inspire people who ‘weren’t born yesterday’ and younger people who want to better prepare for the future when the demographic revolution will see 50% of our population here in the US and in every industrial country in the world 50 and older for the first time in history.

Energy Inventory

Personal Growth

Incorporating an ongoing assessment of what is working for you in your life and what isn’t is essential to moving forward in a positive direction. We are unable to move forward and take empowered steps in our lives when stuck attached to people, beliefs, or patterns that lock us down and no longer fit. On this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis talks about major barriers to our growth, some major blocks many of us carry, and walks through how to create an ongoing practice of evaluating your life to move toward your goals! He also provides readings and answer questions of callers during the hour.

Angel Talk with Savonn Champelle


On this show Travis was joined by Psychic Medium and Energy Healer Savonn Champelle, during which they discussed angels, and providing valuable insight into how you can access your own unique connection to the angelic realm every day!