Lisa Blackman

Lisa Blackman And The Metaphysician Within

Lisa Blackman

On this week’s show, Lisa Blackman joined Travis to talk about healing, spirituality, and her book The MetaPhysician Within. Lisa is an intuitive healer, spiritual teacher, and artist and has been working in the field of energy medicine for over 20 years. In her book she shares a large collection of her medical intuitive readings on specific conditions including her insights on the root causes and sublime reasoning of illness and the painful symptoms that can come with our awakening, integration and unification of mind, body and spirit.


3277839203_f2e88f7e61_oThis week Travis talked about Forgiveness. Learning to become more forgiving in the perceived slights that occur with others, and to become more forgiving of oneself, is an important component of our ultimate wellbeing. Resentments are chains that bind us and hold us from our divine connection with others, keeping us from our genuine spiritual connections and relationships. Travis provided tips and techniques to embrace forgiveness and took calls, answered questions, and provided readings during this week’s show!

Practical Spirituality with Dr. Barbara De Angelis


This week Travis met with Dr. Barbara De Angelis, author of Soul Shifts. This book offers illuminating guidance and invaluable techniques for living a life of practical spirituality and making your own personal soul shifts. We often believe we need to wait for the passage of time or the impact of significant outside circumstances in order for something remarkable or magical to occur, but this is not true. You can accelerate this process of meaningful transformation, learn how to invite it, to open to it, and to masterfully navigate through it to create a new way of living, loving and serving our world that will go beyond anything you ever imagined or hoped was possible.