What’s My Frequency?


On this week’s show Travis discussed frequency. In every moment of our lives we emit a vibrational frequency based entirely on our thoughts, feelings, and emotions at that moment in time. When we move throughout our days and lives, over time, these frequencies attract our experiences and desires to us like a magnet. When we want to evaluate what we truly want, we first have to talk about what it is that we attract. The universe always brings us what we want, even though often we encounter what we think we don’t want. This week Travis talked about the Law of Attraction and how to change your thinking to attract abundance in all areas of your life!

The Spirit Realm

Just a few feet away from our physical selves lies the Other Side, a dimension outside of the physical plane, one that contains those beings who are devoted to assisting humans to evolve, and others who are no longer in physical bodies or never had one. This week Travis talks about the other side, and will take calls, do readings of callers, and answer questions about the Spirit world and how to connect to it.