The Complete System of Self-Healing: Internal Exercises

“The Complete System of Self Healing: Internal Exercises” is just that.  From an Eastern Taoist approach, this book is a template for spiritual alignment in one of the foremost and original practices ever used.  In just a few short weeks you can release stagnant energy, align to your highest vibration, and improve your health and well-being.”


Spirit Guides



As spiritual beings, we are joined at all times by beings whose soul (pun intended) purpose is to help humans evolve.  These guides know us better than we do and are around us all the time, always available to provide us with access to our unique intuitive gifts, and to rally for our growth and development.  This week Travis talked about these spiritual helpers, described tools on how to communicate with your own spirit guides, and provided individual readings for callers.

Energy Medicine with Sara Wiseman

Sara Wiseman joins Travis for this show. In 2000, Sara had a near death experience where she experienced a spiritual awakening that transformed her life. During this time, her intuitive abilities opened fully, and she was able to comprehend the ineffable, infinite energy of the Divine/Universe/One/All.

The Energy Field

This week Travis discussed the energy field, that ethereal body that surrounds the physical one which is an important part of who we are.  Just like the chakras, the fields that surround the body contain insight and information available that help us understand different aspects of ourselves.

Spiritual Mindfulness

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There are many modalities and dogmatic spiritual approaches to mindfulness processes.  Whatever the approach, the principles of bringing awareness and attention into the present moment are what’s important to align to your highest awareness.  This week Travis talked about mindfulness principles and provides practical techniques you can use to develop your present moment awareness.