Letting Go

hands-269273_640People say attachment is hard, when really that’s the easy part. It’s the detachment that can be more of a formidable struggle in people’s lives. During this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis explains how to master the art of letting go, whether that be from a past relationship, a job, or anything holding you back, and provide exercises that listeners can use anytime to help move forward in their lives.

Breaking Patterns

patternsDuring this episode of Create The Life You Want, Travis gives his listeners a sneak peak into his upcoming book, “Breaking Patterns”. One of the most prominent themes that continue to come into sessions for healing has been working to empower clients who have been challenged in breaking negative patterns in their lives, even for life times. During this show Travis talks about how patterns emerge and how to interrupt them at their core to improve and empower life choices.

Animal Speak

Animal_SpeakOn this episode of Create The Life You Want Travis gave a general overview of Shamanism, and how our connection to all living things, the earth, and animals, can be an important source of spiritual nutrition for our souls. Travis was quite surprised in his early years of energy work when he saw and communicated with animal spirits. People can call on their power animals when needed to help empower them or to learn an aspect of themselves that may enlighten their path. We can also use animals for specific needs. Listen as Travis dives into the Shamanic world and call with questions or to find out what your power animals are!