“The Divine Matrix” by Gregg Braden

The-Divine-Matrix-9781401905736Any person with a concrete-sequential and logical mind, who believes only what he or she sees can appreciate learning some science that bridges the gap between the physical and non-physical realm of creation.


Gregg Braden does a great job in this book of synthesizing years of research and lectures into one source of a lot of information.  Though the concepts are not particularly new for those who have spent time researching the concepts of co-creation, time-space reality, etc., his presentation is clear and easy to follow.


What I particularly like about this book is his 20 Keys to Conscious Creation, which he presents in concrete and easily understood reminders of who we are and how the universe the we experience is not removed from us, that in fact we create it with every thought and emotion and belief that we have.  We have a choice to move from a place of creating by default based on fears, or to do so intentionally, creating a life and experience of our dreams.