“Animal-Speak” by Ted Andrews

animal-speakThis is another must have book for anyone who is looking beyond the five senses for ways to enhance their relationship with the universe.

At times throughout my life, I would notice that I felt a very strong connection or resonance with a particular animal or insect. Everywhere I turned, it seemed, I would notice it again and again.  I couldn’t ignore it in fact.  It was surprising to me and it felt as though these animals had something to say to me.

I was further surprised when I started working on clients that I would see an animal in their energy field, and when describing the attributes of the animal it was remarkable to the client because it mirrored aspects of their personality or something that they needed to be reminded of regarding an experience they were having.

Many people with native american ancestry, whether biologic or because of past lives, or those who have had a particular connection with the earth before, can have power animals or message totems show up in their life.  It’s just another way that the universe communicates with us.

Other than the visions or impressions that I get while working on a client, I found that this book is an excellent resource, an almanac, basically, of all creatures.  I didn’t read the book front to back, but instead use it as a resource for further information about an animal or insect that shows up frequently or in the energy field of a client.

Whenever looking up the animal that showed up, it is never a surprise, and always spot on for whatever lesson is important in the moment. I LOVE this book.