Shamanism with Michelle McKinney

This week Travis welcomed Michelle McKinney, MFA, who is a full-time shamanic and intuitive arts practitioner and teacher, and Systemic and Family Constellations facilitator. For over 25 years Michelle’s spiritual and intuitive skills have helped people get past road blocks, and back into the flow of life: self-empowered with clarity, confidence, inner-peace, and strength.

Her training in shamanic arts has been with teachers and practitioners from many traditions, including Two-Week Intensive, and Three-Year Advanced Training programs with Michael Harner Ph.D. and The Foundation for Shamanic Studies; and Two-Year Teacher Training with Sandra Ingerman, MA, with whom she is authorized to teach shamanic healing. Michelle’s background also includes training in Systemic Constellations, Trauma Resolution, Hypnotherapy, Voice Dialogue, and energy healing. She is a Certified Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, and holds a Master of Fine Arts degree.

Animal Speak

Animal_SpeakOn this episode of Create The Life You Want Travis gave a general overview of Shamanism, and how our connection to all living things, the earth, and animals, can be an important source of spiritual nutrition for our souls. Travis was quite surprised in his early years of energy work when he saw and communicated with animal spirits. People can call on their power animals when needed to help empower them or to learn an aspect of themselves that may enlighten their path. We can also use animals for specific needs. Listen as Travis dives into the Shamanic world and call with questions or to find out what your power animals are!