Demystifying Vitamins and Supplements with Karen Howard

In 2017 alone there have been nearly 2,000 conflicting news stories on the benefits of popular supplements omega-3 and vitamin D alone. With so many back and forth news stories it’s no wonder you, the consumer, who wants to take charge of your health, is confused. This week Karen Howard, executive director of Organic & Natural Health Association, joins Travis to bring light important factors to consider when choosing vitamins and supplements. Her national non profit organization, along with research partner GrassrootsHealth, have pinpointed exactly what’s working and what combinations of omega-3, DHA, EPA, and vitamin D serum levels you actually need. Join Travis as he talks with Karen about how to perform your own self testing, how vitamins an supplements are regulated, and what to look for when choosing the right supplements for you.

Calls and Questions with Travis

On this show, Travis provides intuitive answers to listeners’ calls and questions! Listen in as Travis answers questions that his listeners are facing and gives intuitive answers specific to their lives! Questions range from health issues, spiritual journeys, past lives, being psychic, energy medicine, and more! Travis uses his unique psychic abilities to perceive and communicate important information that’s useful to YOUR life right now!