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February 26th: The Heartfulness Way – with Joshua Pollock

This week Travis is joined by Heartfulness trainer and practitioner Joshua Pollock, talking about a systematic, comprehensive, and detailed understanding of how to approach life with Heartfulness. Regular practice of Heartfulness can improve a quality of live, relieve stress, allow better sleep, have greater concentration, and a healthier immune system. Joshua will share the four elements of the heartfulness method, as well as Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation. If you’d like to call, please call 425-373-5527 or 888-298-KKNW. If you’d prefer to submit your question, then send me an email, at travis@divineinsight.com, or use the form on this page. You can also send Travis message on IG @_travistaylor, FB @intuitivetravis, though priority during the show will go to callers.

March 5th: Rolfing with Misha

On this episode of the Divine Insight show, Travis will be talking with Rolfer and Manual Osteopath Misha Noonan. Misha has been performing manual therapies for optimum wellness with clients for over 25 years. Learn more about alternative manual therapies and how they can support your optimal health, including a discussion of many areas of the body that are often ignored when addressing flexibility and mobility. Every part of the body affects every other part, and during this show, Travis is excited to dive deep into the body’s amazing tissue, fascia, nerves and much more in this fun and enlightening show!

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