On This Week’s Show…

The Journey Within

On this show Travis will be taking calls and questions throughout the show, while discussing the essential journey we are all here to embark on:  the journey within.  The path to embracing our destiny begins with self-awareness and exploration. Until and unless we know exactly who and where we are, we may not be able to move forward to our optimum wellness and joy.  Using his unique insight and practical tools, Travis guides listeners to an understanding of our whole selves: our be-ings. Call anytime during this show for insight into any aspect of your wellness that you are looking to improve.  Submit your questions during the show or to ensure your question is answered, submit it on the form below.  You won’t want to miss this enlightening and empowering show!  Call 425-373-5527 or 888-298-KKNW anytime during the show for insight directly from Travis!

Upcoming Shows

May 23rd: Spiritual Integrity and Living in Your Soul’s Alignment” with Savonn Champelle

On this show, Travis will be joined by Psychic Medium and Spiritual Teacher Savonn Champelle, talking about how to avoid common pitfalls when aligning to your soul’s purpose, and what spiritual integrity means as it relates to our happiness.  Join Travis and Savonn for a transformational show, and call in during the show with questions or for a live personal reading!

May 30th: Maryann Ridini Spencer

On this show Travis will be joined by Maryann Ridini Spender, author of “Lady in the Window,” a new novel taking readers on a magical Aloha journey offering hope, healing, karmic romance and the infinite mother-daughter bond.  Maryann Ridini Spencer is an author, award-winning screenwriter, producer (Hallmark Hall of Fame’s “The Lost Valentine” starring Betty White and Jennifer Love Hewitt), and producer/host of the award-winning healthy living and cooking series, “Simply Delicious Living” (PBS-TV in Southern California, DirectTV, Dish Network & Roku). Travis is thrilled to have the opportunity to talk to Maryann this week.  Submit your questions for Maryann using the form below, or call during the show, at 425-373-5527, or 888-298-KKNW.