Intuitive Sessions

Travis offers in person and distance intuitive healing sessions to suit your specific needs. Regardless of whether you schedule an in person hands on session, or a distance session the phone, you’ll greatly benefit from the experience.

Travis uses his gifts of insight and intuition to support you to move forward in your life and eliminate blocks and imbalances in your physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. As a medical intuitive Travis perceives information about your physical body, and interprets energetic causes and predispositions to dis-ease. Using reiki and other modalities of healing, Travis facilitates the release of energy blockages so your energy runs at it’s optimum level. Travis is able to connect to universal wisdom in unique ways, and provides specific practical advice to you to support you in your daily life.

If you want to:

Restore vitality
Boost confidence
Stimulate your body’s own healing process
Get to the bottom of a health issue
Increase your energy
Change unhealthy patterns
Relieve stress, worry, or anxiety
Eliminate negative thought patterns
Align to your life purpose
Empower your choices
Let go of what’s holding you back
Connect to your life path
Communicate with source energies

Then it’s time to schedule a session.

Travis will help you reprogram your subconscious to stop hijacking your mind and provide you with powerful strategies for taking charge of your life. You will feel a stronger connection to your authentic self, renewed confidence in managing your life choices, and in tune into your own unique gifts and talents.

Initial sessions are scheduled for an hour in length, and are recorded for your convenience and future reference. Additional sessions, if needed, are tailored in length and frequency to address your specific needs and goals.