Rolfing with Misha

On this show, Travis talks with Rolfer and Manual Osteopath Misha Noonan. Misha has been performing manual therapies for optimum wellness with clients for over 25 years. Learn more about alternative manual therapies and how they can support your optimal health, including a discussion of many areas of the body that are often ignored when addressing flexibility and mobility. Every part of the body affects every other part, and during this show, Travis dives deep into the body’s amazing tissue, fascia, nerves and much more in this fun and enlightening show!

The Heartfulness Way – with Joshua Pollock

For this show, Travis is joined by Heartfulness trainer and practitioner Joshua Pollock, talking about a systematic, comprehensive, and detailed understanding of how to approach life with Heartfulness. Regular practice of Heartfulness can improve a quality of live, relieve stress, allow better sleep, have greater concentration, and a healthier immune system. Joshua will share the four elements of the heartfulness method, as well as Heart-Based Meditations for Spiritual Transformation.

Connecting with Loved Ones and Spirit Guides – Calls, questions, and readings with Travis

During this show, Travis will be using his unique gifts of intuition and mediumship, to answer questions and channel insight for listeners.Though the topic of the show is connecting with loved ones and spirit guides, Travis answers any questions callers have.

Stem Cell Revolution with Dr. Joe Christiano

This week Travis is joined by Dr. Joseph Christiano, who has spent more than 50 years both personally and professionally in natural health, including: exercise/diet, pain management, anti-aging and stem cell therapies and treatments. He is president and founder of Body Redesigning by Joseph Christiano®, and best-selling author of Bloodtypes, Bodytypes and YOU. His newest book, Stem Cell Revolution, describes how stem cell therapies, treatments and activators are becoming game changers in the world of natural health.

Shortcuts to Happiness – Life Changing Lessons from My Barber – Tal Ben-Shahar

NY Times best-selling author Tal Ben-Shahar joins Travis this week to talk about positive psychology, and how to defeat a decade high of feeling low with short-cuts to happiness. According to a 2018 Gallup poll, people around the world are more miserable than ever: experiencing worry, sadness, stress, and anxiety at all time highs. However, despite the trying times that we live in, Ben-Shahar found that happiness is indeed achievable, and chronicles the lessons of happiness he learned from his barber, Avi, in this compelling and motivational new book. Join Tal and Travis on this show for an enlightening talk!

Personal Karma – Calls, questions, and readings with Travis

On this show, Travis will be using his unique gifts of intuition and clairvoyance, to answer questions and channel insight for listeners. Though the topic of the show is personal karma, Travis will answer any questions you have.

Mantras in Motion with Erin Stutland

On this show, Travis is joined by mind-body wellness and fitness expert Erin Stutland, to talk about her most recent book, Mantras In Motion, which combines mantra, self-reflection, and movement into an accessible 14-day routine for manifesting your best self. Erin is the host and coach of the weight-loss transformation TV show Alter’d on Z Living. Travis is thrilled to talk to Erin about her tri-fold approach to creating change, and how you can design the life you want, infusing the power of movement, mantra, and self-reflection.

Psychic and Mediumship Development with Tracy Higgs

Travis is thrilled to be joined by TJ for this show, who is well known for her appearances on the successful ‘Psychic Private Eyes’ series CBS/Zone Reality which led her to help many families with missing and murdered family members worldwide.Her massive TV and Stage appearances include ‘The Three Mediums’ Living TV; and Colin Fry Live with TJ Higgs  Living TV, as well as her star power in live events. TJ is dedicated to teaching others to open to their innate gifts and abilities and says, “We each of us have the ability to be more present with spirit”.  She demonstrates Mediumship and Teaches in weekend and extended formats around the world including Japan, New Zealand, America, Ireland, Denmark, Norway and wherever she is called to appear.Her passion is bringing peace of mind and resolution to those grieving for their departed, and allowing those in spirit to demonstrate their continued love and caring. Join Travis and Tracy for an exciting and fun filled week!

The Jewel of Abundance with Ellen Grace O’Brian

In The  Jewel of Abundance: Finding Prosperity through the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga, award-winning author and Kriya Yoga teacher Ellen Grace O’Brian reveals an overlooked aspect of yoga: its powerful teachings on prosperity. She draws upon the ancient Vedic tradition of yoga philosophy and practice and shows how spirituality and earthly success can complement each other, leading to realization of the higher Self. Travis and Ellen will discuss both the philosophy of yoga and the nuts and bolts of practice, such as setting up a daily meditation routine, incorporating mantras, discerning how to cooperate with universal principles for complete well-being, and cultivating mindfulness in action.

Listener Calls, Questions, and Readings With Travis

This week Travis is taking listener questions and providing live readings on the air, as well as talking about intuition, clairvoyance, and ways that you can connect more consciously to your divine spiritual path.