3277839203_f2e88f7e61_oThis week Travis talked about Forgiveness. Learning to become more forgiving in the perceived slights that occur with others, and to become more forgiving of oneself, is an important component of our ultimate wellbeing. Resentments are chains that bind us and hold us from our divine connection with others, keeping us from our genuine spiritual connections and relationships. Travis provided tips and techniques to embrace forgiveness and took calls, answered questions, and provided readings during this week’s show!

Practical Spirituality with Dr. Barbara De Angelis


This week Travis met with Dr. Barbara De Angelis, author of Soul Shifts. This book offers illuminating guidance and invaluable techniques for living a life of practical spirituality and making your own personal soul shifts. We often believe we need to wait for the passage of time or the impact of significant outside circumstances in order for something remarkable or magical to occur, but this is not true. You can accelerate this process of meaningful transformation, learn how to invite it, to open to it, and to masterfully navigate through it to create a new way of living, loving and serving our world that will go beyond anything you ever imagined or hoped was possible.

Divine Love


Accessing pure and divine love of and for oneself and others is a tremendous gift. In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, Travis talked about ways you can create more love in your life. Love of self and others, pure and unconditional, is our natural state. Travis discusses ways to embrace more love in your life, and took questions and performed readings for callers on this week’s show!

Infinite Selves


Each life we live represents our divine plan in action. Our desired soul lessons are learned by each of our “self” we become one life at a time. Seeing these selves collectively is what seers or mystics have been doing for centuries. Sometimes it’s necessary to glance back to lives we have lived before in order to fully understand ourselves. During this show Travis talked about our infinite selves and took your calls and questions.

Ego Death

Polarlicht_3Ego death is a process by which we attach ourselves to an identity and are met with the sudden loss of that identity. On this week’s show Travis will be joined by Nicola D’Alonzo, RMT, to discuss the process we all go through when this happens, why it happens, and how we can thrive from that experience. Listen in and call with questions or for a reading.

Letting Go

hands-269273_640To fully experience life without fear barriers or regret, chains or binds, we must come to terms with, accept, and let go of our attachments. Attachments come in many forms, from soul agreements, relationships, belief systems, energetic patterns, and many more. During this show Travis discusses how to enter each experience with neutrality and how to let go of attachments to make fully empowered decisions and attract experiences that are more aligned with your true path, unencumbered. Join Travis this week for a very special show, and call in with questions or for a reading.

Accessing Your Divine Gifts


15358221063_2c6e548e84_zDuring this week’s show Travis talks about various ways in which the Divine is present in our bodies, and how to identify and develop your own unique gifts to access your intuition. Each of our senses in the third dimensional space has the capacity to receive ethereal information, divine insight, and wisdom from beyond. Travis takes your calls and does intuitive readings of callers during this fun and enlightening show!

Dr. Janet Colli

Trauma, Awareness, and Perception with Dr. Janet Colli

Dr. Janet Colli

Dr. Colli holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology, and is among the most skilled psychotherapists in the Pacific Northwest counseling those who are awakening to their relationship with the subtle realm.

On this show, Travis and Dr. Colli will discuss how those who have experienced trauma, or a dark night of the soul, often develop special awareness or enhanced perceptual abilities. They’ll explore spiritually transformative experiences that occur within the context of trauma, physical illness, and mental disorders.

Women’s Health with Dr. Celeste Saenz


On this weeks’ show Travis discussed the topic of Women’s Health with Dr. Celeste Saenz. As licensed Naturopathic Physician, Dr. Saenz received her doctorate degree from Bastyr University in Seattle, WA and is committed to the pursuit of total health and wellness for all her patients. Through her training in science-based natural medicine, Dr. Saenz diagnosis and treats each patient with a balance of botanical medicine, homeopathy, clinical nutrition, physical medicine, preventative health care screening, and lifestyle counseling. She is known for her personability and nurturing character towards her patients. You can learn more about her at her website

The Dreamworld

On this week’s show Travis will discuss the importance of dreams in our lives.  Dreams are so much more than just the time when our brain’s process the days activities.  This week Travis will discuss the dream world, various metaphors that can show up in dreams, and how to use your dreams more directly to gain insight into your lives.  Travis will also take calls and do readings of callers regarding their dreams!