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Mind to Matter with Dawson Church

The idea that “thoughts become things” is held as a firm proposition in metaphysics, and some spiritual teachers ascribe infinite powers to the mind. But what does science tell us about the scope of the human mind to transform thoughts into reality? During this show, award winning author Dawson Church joins Travis to talk about […]

Protecting Your Empathic Nature with Travis

So many of us are empaths, either by nature or choice, we learned to connect to others through feelings, and oftentimes feeling other people’s feelings as much as or more than our own. This can result in us carrying heavy burdens, and being challenged to identify our own authentic experience. During this show, Travis talks […]

Intuition – Accessing Your Gifts to Enhance Your Life

In its most basic form, intuition is our conscious connection to the world around us. In this interactive workshop, Travis describes energy medicine terminology and our soul’s evolutionary process, and demonstrates how each of us is innately capable of perceiving and interacting with the energies around us.

Divination Tools for the Mystic

One of the most common challenges that we can face when trying to learn to develop and strengthen our conscious relationship with the spiritual realm is knowing the difference between a thought, which comes from our brain, and divine wisdom or insight, which comes from our own emotional guidance system or directly from source.

Be Feel Think Do with Anne Berube Ph.D

Travis is joined on this show by Anne Berube, Ph.D, a powerful teacher who has made it her live’s purpose to help individuals remember their soul’s calling. She has an uncommon ability to share her story and insights in a way that accelerates transformation in others.  Through her workshops called The Happy Sessions, she has […]

Living the Life Your Soul Intended with Travis

Travis dives deep into the soul, and explains our soul’s process for identifying which life plans we chose to live out in order to live and grow as a soul in our evolutionary process. As limitless souls in human bodies, our potential for advancement and empowerment is only limited by our imagination, and during this […]

Hearing better with Elaine Saunders

On this show Travis is joined by author, therapist, and hearing aid company founder Elaine Saunders, who joins Travis to talk about her incredible technology that has revolutionized the hearing aide industry. She’s also a leading audiology expert who recently wrote, “Hearing Impairment, Auditory Perception, and Language Disability”. Join Travis and Elaine for an exciting […]

The Sacred Science with Nick Polizzi

Nick Polizzi has spent his career directing and producing feature-length documentaries about holistic alternatives to conventional medicine. Most recently, Nick directed The Tapping Solution and co-edited Simply Raw – Raw for 30 Days. His current role as producer of The Sacred Science—a documentary about explorations in the Amazon to learn about traditional, healing practices—stems from […]

Self-care for the Self-aware with Dave Markowitz

Dave Markowitz, Intuitive Healing Facilitator, Guide, and Bestselling author says that most of us were never taught how to healthily deal with the gift of being Highly Sensitive. We had to unconsciously devise systems to make certain situations more bearable. And some of us consciously applied methods that seemed effective but still left us facing […]

Walking Between Worlds with Athena Demetrios

On this show, Travis is joined by spiritual intuitive, medium, and channel Athena Demetrios, to discuss her incredible journey and new memoir, “Walking Between Worlds”. It reads like a novel worthy of a film or TV mini-series, but Athena Demetrios’ memoir is no work of fiction. Athena’s story is a courageous and unvarnished revelation of a deeply painful—yet […]